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Hello Reader,

If you are reading this, clearly you have made a wrong turn somewhere in the Internet, NO WAIT! I'm just kidding! You have actually entered one of the most distinguished wiki pages ever developed or edited, the portfolio page of Stephen Erickson. In this portfolio, one can find links to my group's research paper that we did which was focused on freewriting and prewriting. In addition, there are pages linked to some of my selected works, including my Blog Post 4 for the class of English 21007, a paper that I wrote for my Peopling of NY class, and a short piece of prose that I wrote one day out of the blue.

My blog post was worthy of the Selected Works category, because I thought it was interesting how it was my proposal piece for my midterm project. This works well in correlation with the midterm and revised midterm, which can also be accessed via my portfolio, as they show the final result and the direction in which I took this proposal shortly after composing it.

The paper I wrote for my Peopling of NY class focuses on Matias Tong, a fellow student of mine from the class. Writing this piece provided me with a very unique feeling that I had not felt before; writing about people felt like a new ballpark entirely, and I put myself in the mind f a journalist, trying to account for as many details and juicy facts as possible. The paper, of course, was only a history or Matias' family background, but writing it gave me some great experience working within a previously foreign genre, with newly marked parameters.

The third piece is something quite unusual for me. I honestly don't like poetry or write poems (ever), but perhaps this poem was inspired by one of my favorite places, that I just could not describe in simple terms; and thus, poetry hath flowed from my fingertips in one of the most rare of occurrences. I like this piece because of it's descriptive qualities, which when I read really put me in mind of the place the poem was written about it.

I truly hope that all who venture here can take the time to enjoy some or this entire portfolio! Thank you!

Stephen Erickson

Group Research Report

Prewriting and Freewriting

Midterm Project

Midterm First Draft

Midterm Revision Proposal

Revised Midterm

Self-assessment of Goals

Selected Works

English 21007- Blog Post 4

Peopling of NY Paper


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