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Cover Letter

Enduring through much diligent effort and evolution in one year of writing, it all has, unfortunately, come to a close! All of my “climatic” pieces have been assembled and each one contains distinct themes that relay my creative, innovative abilities as a writer. They represent these interests by its usage of variable genres and styles.
As my first showcased piece demonstrates, there is an innovative genre representation in an argumentative debate about the existence of science in society. The play effectively demonstrates a one on one direct fight between two famous literacy writers who either believe science benefits society or it is a dangerous aspect that can injure people. It takes on a unique perspective and this variety of writing demonstrates a unique/ambitious writing ability that I possess as a Chemical Engineering major!

The comedy essay represents another key piece that reflects a different perspective of my writing. It conveys my true feelings on comedy and how it is contingent upon the varying lifestyles in America! Through various supporting evidences and literacy examples, a relationship between a very common feeling of humor and its effects on the people is shown.

Now you may think of me as a little too technical in writing, but the final showcased work represents a popularized type of genre. Though it may seem just like a plain TED talk, “The Global Food Waste Scandal”, review, it includes a personal anecdote to it that shows my and my close relatives’ personal feelings to it. The piece conveys a rejoicing kind of tone and through a combination with this and the rest of the qualities of my other pieces (technicality in the “eyes” of a distinctive genre and a personalized reflection of a common feeling in society) I must have learned that writing can be not just of essence for any field but also a continual learning process.

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"Clash of the Sciences"
Unnecessarily Trashing Food…Think again!
Comedy Essay

Midterm Piece

Revision Proposal

Group's Final Research Report

Problem Solving Challenge

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