The Deep End of the Pool

Writer Esme lives in New York City. Her blurb, and life, are a work in progress.

(— With apologies to Bryan Fuller and Wonderfalls.)

Caveat lector!

This term was certainly very vigorous in terms of the technical writing we did, which these two first subheadings will hopefully showcase. I wouldn't say I enjoyed wrangling formal lab reports about what I consider much more subjective questions and personal subjects, but I would say that it was a learning experience, and one which was probably long overdue, given how difficult it was at times to shift from one mindset to the other, let alone find some balance between the two.

As such, my three chosen pieces are fairly personal and informal.

My first piece speaks for itself - as a relatively short exercise, it was the inspiration for my midterm project overall, and led me to a lot of unexpected places in terms of bringing sociology into what was originally meant to be a fairly technical paper.

My second piece, originally written for Studies in Magical Realism, is the first short story I have written in quite a long time; I wanted to explore settings - particularly cities - as entities in literature. I wanted to see if I could write something in the vein of the Twilight Zone, to a certain degree, predicated on mid-century values and ideals of a family unit dealing with something quite nontraditional in form.

My third piece was originally written for my Media Studies class and is a preliminary analysis of Bryan Fuller's show Hannibal. Originally written at the beginning of the season, it looks at the mythological elements invoked in the show, as well as analyzing the show with regard to more conventional aspects, such as cinematography, wardrobe, and characterization. Caveat lector meets Hannibal Lecter, if you will.

I know I enjoyed writing all of these, even when internal conflicts within a single project seemed irreconcilable; I hope you will enjoy reading them. It has been, as always, a wonderful term - thank you.

Midterm project

Final research project

Short writing

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