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Cover Letter

Dear Reader,

After one semester learning and training from writing for engineering class, I have learned much more skills than I expected. The teaching is manifold and the projects are challenging. This final portfolio contains final project report, final revision midterm, and three optional pieces. All of these genres reflect my skills and changing during this semester, especially from writing for engineering class. The most challenging one to me should be the midterm project. It is huge and complex, but on the other hand, I have learned most from that genre.

The first piece I choose is the third blog “Discourse Communities & Communities of Practice.” The reason I pick this one is that this piece leads me to know further about discourse communities. In addition, I also learned what practice community is. The comparison between these two topics helps me recognize the characteristics of discourse communities. Before I write this piece of blog, I have no idea to identify a specific discourse community.

The second piece is blog six. This piece of writing is about the “Composing process of an engineer” by Jack Selzer. By writing this kind of genre, I learned how to summary and analyze a technical article. Moreover, I’ve also learned many skills from the original article. Jack taught me how to compose a proper technical writing for engineers in the future. I benefit a lot by doing this blog
The last piece is the freebie assignment that I do. I choose to write a film report based on James Bond. It’s about “Engineering in Culture.” This is a very interesting piece for me. The reason is that I never write any film report before, and thus this kind of genre is a challenge for me. I tried to search online and think on my own. Ultimately, I learned the format and it is a nice try.

In short, I have benefited a lot from this class and I appreciate my dear instructor and all my classmates, especially my teammates. They help me so much. Without them, I won’t make my projects successful. I have learned what an engineer should learn, which is teamwork.

Midterm Revision Project


Final Group Project


Three Pieces

1. "Discourse Communities & Communities of Practice"

2. Jack Selzer, "The Composing Process of an Engineer"

3. Freebie Assignment: "Engineering in Culture."

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