Zeyad's Portfolio

Cover Letter

Dear Reader,

In this portfolio, you will find my midterm project collection. This collection consists of my original midterm piece, the proposal for the revision, the revised midterm, and the self-evaluation. You will also find the report for the final group project and three pieces that I found to be my best and portrayed my strengths as a writer/student.

The first piece is the blog post where we were asked to compare two different researcher's approaches to describing discourse communities. I chose to compare the work of Branick and Swales. This piece shows my strength as writer because I was able to read two different researcher's papers about discourse communities and then be able to analyze the two pieces. I was able to write a detailed piece talking about the similarities and differences these two researchers had. Not only did I compare and contrast, but I was able to reflect on both of their approaches and talk about what I thought of. This showed my strength in reading the papers, analyzing them, being able to compare and contrast the two, and then finally reflect on them.

The second piece is a Reflective Annotated Bibliography on Chapter 16 in the textbook. In this piece, I had to read a chapter, summarize it, pick a few important quotes, and then reflect on it. This RAB was done with a partner. In this piece, I was able to successfully choose what important details belonged in the summary. I was also able to analyze the chapter and then reflect on it with thoughts about where the author went wrong, what he did correctly, and how the chapter could have been better. This piece also showed that I was capable of working with a partner to achieve a successful final product. We were able to discuss the chapter and split the work up evenly.

The last piece is the Unit 3 project from English class last semester. This project was supposed to be a research project, where we chose a topic to research and then, created a final piece presenting it. My topic was to explain the Doppler Effect and talk about it's applications. I decided to choose a different approach and not a typical written paper. Instead, I chose to make a video. I was able to gather my research, make an outline of what I wanted to talk about, and make a video presenting my research. This was an entirely different approach of presenting research. In this video, it was important to know that the body language used had to be appropriate and that you had to know what you were presenting perfectly. I also had to keep in mind the audience who was watching it. Knowing the audience would tell me how formal and how in depth I would need to go in explaining my work. I was also able to make the video more interesting by showing actual examples of the Doppler Effect. Although this was not a written piece, it was able to showcase some of my strengths as a student.

Overall, these three pieces showcased different skills because they were three completely different pieces and had different goals. Below you will find the three pieces, the final project report, and the midterm project. Enjoy!

Jazz Band Midterm Project

Final Group Project Report

Branick vs. Swales (Choice 1)

RAB on Chapter 16 (Choice 2)

The Doppler Effect (Choice 3)

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