1. In my revision project, my imagined audience would be the leaders of the group Python for Beginners, especially the group leaders, and possibly other groups on Codeacademy. My piece will be an article on how to improve the group to make it more beginner-friendly. Currently, the name Python for Beginners is a bit misleading, as it would not be practical for use by complete beginners to the coding language. It requires a basic understanding of Python commands and lexicon. The leaders of the group are interested in expanding their group, and one way to do that is to make it more user-friendly to a wider array of people.
  2. My article would answer these three key questions:
    • What problems are actual beginners having with using the group?
    • How can these problems be alleviated?
    • Why would the group want to implement these changes?
  3. My three goals for this piece are to:
    • Clearly propose practical solutions on how the group can be improved to suit the needs of actual beginners. I want the leaders to implement these solutions, so they have to be explained with clarity to ease the process of execution should they choose to pursue it. If my solutions do not seem clear or practical, my article will have failed to make the group more beginner-friendly.
    • Organize my content so that my thought process is easier for my audience to follow to ensure that my ideas are understood the way I want them to be by providing information relevant to my argument before I make the argument. My article will be more coherent if I am straightforward with the audience and apply a “they say/ I say” structure. Without this organization, the readers may not fully understand the points I am trying to make or the goal I am working toward. Instead of being motivated to take action, they will be confused as to what the point of the article is.
    • Make my writing less formal and more engaging to the readers by changing my tone. By doing this, I will increase my audience’s interest in my article, making it more likely for them to read the whole thing and take action. If I do not achieve this goal, it will make less of an impact on the readers and they will more likely ignore the suggestions made by the article.
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