Self Assessment Of Goals

The Process Behind the Revision

While composing the revision for my midterm piece, my main motivation and drive to write came from knowing exactly who my intended audience for this piece was. Early in the process, before I even began revising actually, I was trying to think of who would benefit from some or all of the knowledge in my midterm, when it dawned on me that anyone interested in becoming a part of the Catholic League would be able to learn the basics about the organization by reading my paper. Once I had my audience set in stone, the rest of the project came naturally to me; I was going to make my revision in the genre of an informational pamphlet that growing organizations are so well known to hand out to prospective members. Following this genre, I was able to write the revision section by section, by putting myself in the mindset of someone who was considering joining the Catholic League. I thought to myself that if I was new to the group and pondering membership, I would want to know exactly what the Catholic League does and what its meetings are like, and in this way, I was able to develop a pamphlet (a piece in the pamphlet style at least with headings and followups below to guide the reader along) that could help someone make up their mind about whether or not to join by providing them with all of this relevant information.

Successful Writing Moves

One of the writing choices I made in this piece that was very successful was using personal accounts to engage the reader. Many times, an informational handout can be a dry piece of writing that states the facts and does nothing more. I wanted this piece to speak to the reader, almost as if in dialogue. One of the best tools I used in my opinion was asking the reader direct questions, either in the headings or via an interjection. In doing this, the pamphlet does not talk at the reader, but rather is speaks to the reader, and is tailored for someone who may be willing to join the organization. I tried to write the piece from the point of view of a mentor, or guide, to show the reader the ropes so to speak of the Catholic League and give them a broader idea of what the community is and how they would be a part if they were to join.

For another piece in the future, I would want to write in such a way that engages the reader the way this piece did. For this revision piece, I literally spoke to the reader several times saying things like, "Wow, that may sound like a lot on your plate," or, "The fact that you picked up this pamphlet is a great start." While I may not speak in the second person in another piece, my goal is to captivate the audience to read more. In this revision, I used some cheesy lines, such as, "[the Catholic League] has a strong support system, like me and my peers, and possibly you!" This type of phrase seems very enthusiastic, I not overly zealous, but I was very well aware that in using them, the reader would be less likely to drop the paper like they would a non-engaging article about a topic.

Swing and a Miss/ Possible Improvements

Overall, I was happy with the final product I was able to produce in this revision, but if there was one aspect that wasn't executed on target, it would be that there weren't as many examples of what the Catholic League actually does. I included the story about the Christmas billboards and the participation in the March for Life, but maybe I could have proved a better point if I wrote more about the things that regular members do on a day-to-day basis. Having very typical examples like these would expose the reader to what they could expect to be involved in as a member and give the reader further insight to the Catholic' League's activities. If I had more time to compose the revision, I would probably add a section with a title somewhere along the lines of "A Day in the Life," in which I tell the story of another person in the Catholic League (who I would presumably know personally) and explain to the reader how this person plays a part in the weekly meetings, etc. The piece would also have benefitted if I spoke more about the different workshops and volunteer events the Catholic League assists in to demonstrate the good-hearted nature of the many members.

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