Writer By Writer Archive

You're writers, and you should have a place to view all your work together! Hence, the Writer-by-Writer Archive.

Click on your name below to start creating your archive. This new page will be your professional writerly profile: add any information you want us to know, including a brief bio or a picture. Then, when you write something elsewhere on the site, it will automatically be added to your list of pages created. Build your archive with pride!

1. Name your archive page something that makes sense, like Andrew's Archive.
2. Once you've chosen a name, click "Start building your own page"
3. Read and then delete the initial content. Do not erase the code at the bottom of the page
—> If you want to play with the css on your pages, you're allowed to of course, but for now, leave the technical bits as they are
4. Add personal content to your archive page, perhaps including such elements as:

  • the two similes about your writing you made on day 1
  • quotations from your other pieces or favorite quotations from other writers
  • links to blogs, articles
  • a picture of you or something that represents you

5. Finally, once you've published your individual page, copy the URL of the page onto the list below, like I've done.

Andrew Lucchesi's model archive link to come
~ Writer Name ~ Archive location
Christopher Aebig Chris's Archive
Sunny Aggarwal Sunny's Archive
Jerome Allas Jerome's Archive
Kari Andresen Kari's Archive
Mena-George Basaly George's Archive
Stephanie Bodre Stephanie's Archive
Esme Cribb Esme's archive
Stephen Erickson Steve's Archive
Daniel Griepp Daniel's Archive
Eli Hoch Eli's Archive
Minchang Kang Min's Archive
James Kasakyan James's Archive
Daniel Lee Archive
Yipeng Luan Yi's Achive
Fidan Mamedova Fidan's WBWA
Christina Moawad Christina's Archive
Nelsyda Perez Nelsyda's Archive
Stefanie Reichman Stefanie's Archive
Zeyad Saleh Zeyad's Archive
Christian Salvatierra Christian's Archive
Michael Safdieh My Archive
Brian Wang Writing by Brian
Kenichi Yamamoto Ken's Archive
Liudi Yang Liudi's Archive
Peter Zupo Peter's Archive
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